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Upcoming Classes and Events


DocTalk for PSWBC IMGs

Tuesday, March 28

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

At Highline College, Building 99, room 251

This event is for International medical graduates who are participants with the Puget Sound Welcome Back Center.

We will discuss:

-          Student Doctor Network

-          The new Assistant Physician licensing in Missori

-          Visits from KAPLAN and/or Doctors in Training

-          Temporary Medical Assistant certification

-          Updates and Upcoming events

-          News from you


Please let us know if you are planning to attend by registering here.


IELTS Test Preparation Course for spring 2017

April 14 – June 16   

Friday 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM     10 Fridays

At Highline College, Building 19, room 101

$100 (Textbook included)

Who needs this course?

-          Nurses who are planning to take the NCLEX Test as the Nursing Commission of Washington State approved IELTS as an alternative to TOEFL.

-          Nurses who are planning to attend the NCLEX-RN Preparation Course this year as the registeration will open soon

-          Other medical professionals who need to take the IELTS test as part of their licensure

-          Anyone who need to take an English proficiency test to attend a university

What to expect from this class?

·         Learn specific IELTS test-taking strategies

·         Engage in test-related reading, speaking, listening, and writing activities

·         Have the opportunity to increase your vocabulary and reinforce your grammar

·         Enhance your communication skills


To register for this class, click here.


For further information or any questions please don’t hesitate to contact

Sarah Abdullah, Program Coordinator, 206.592.3367